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Hey there dair shipper! You have been out of action for years now, any chance of you returning to the life of bashing chairs?

Nope. LOL i’ve been preoccupied with different things and i’ve come to the realisation that Gossip Girl (speaking in terms of the show) is just a piece of shit and it’s a pity Dair had to be on that show. It’s not only a piece of shit but it’s a heap of shit, just like Stephanie Savage. And it’s kind of depressing that i hold onto dair when i can move on and ship other fictional couples that might sink like dair. So i’m admitting to the fact that Gossip Girl no longer restrains me and i’m no longer affected by its bullshit. And i can’t seem to reblog dair anymore without being reminded of the fuckery that is the writers of that show, not only that but i can’t even find it in me to watch dair videos. It seems i would rather reblog anything but Gossip girl.. dair included. When i say anything… I mean SPN, New girl, TVD, Charmed, BTVS, Angel, Gilmore girls. Gossip Girl is just.. i don’t care anymore. But i’m not deleting this blog, as i have posts on here that i found amusing.

The only thing that made that show worthwhile was basically mutilated and spat upon. The only thing that made the whole process of dair being stepped on worth reblogging every day of my existence was the dair fandom. And it was worth coming on tumblr every day nearly to talk to them. So i thank those beautiful dair troopers for making shipping dair as enjoyable as watching them. I will always be a part of the dair family, but i can’t reblog something as dead as dair.. I can’t do it anymore. It’s too tragic and more to the point- depressing. Maybe if i made a new blog that wasn’t devoted to dair or the whole of Gossip Girl.. I don’t know and i don’t care anymore. Sorry buddy but i resign from this blog. 

I was basically waiting for the show to finish so i can close the chapter on dair. Like i said, i’ll always ship in some respect but i can’t maintain this blog anymore. It’s time to ship other fictional characters together and ship old ships. P.S: This isn’t a big ‘fuck you’ to dair.


I saw my babies through the end.. So i’m finally throwing in the towel.. But more so for the blog. So thanks guys for everything ;) Thanks for the memories and the laughs but like the gif says..

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How many people have you rehearsed this line to, Serena? I’m curious. And how many times after you say that to them, do you come crawling back ?

How many people have you rehearsed this line to, Serena? I’m curious. And how many times after you say that to them, do you come crawling back ?

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Props to Penn with his acting in the second gif. LMFAO that blank look. I can’t even. 

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— Why was it important for you to show that Chuck and Blair had become parents?
It seemed like the ultimate coming together of their union and their future. And wanting to see that Chuck and Blair could both be good parents.



HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA this is truly the HIGHLIGHT of my day.

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“No two characters on television are as much fun to listen to as Blair and Dan. If Blair and Chuck’s scenes feel like they come off the pages of really bad romance novels, Dan and Blair remind one more of Howard Hawks’ screwball comedies or Nick and Nora Charles in the Thin Man movies.” (x)

“What occurred, was a modern age example of a screwball romance that gave much more depth, meaning, and growth to a show that had been recycling the same “scandalous” storylines for years.”  (x)

“It was as if they belonged on a different show, because their storyline was vastly superior to everyone else’s dull drama. Dan and Blair together are like Harry Burns and Sally Albright reincarnated.” (x)

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A funeral. They all look like they’re there fora funeral.

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inspired by [x]

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Fine, Stelena shippers, stop with the “he respects her so much” and “he thinks about her free will”. Just— shut up. If Stefan loved Elena as much as Damon does, he would’ve done everything to keep her alive. Stefan can’t live without Elena loving him. Damon can’t live without Elena, period.

This is completely irrelevant to dair but i just wanna *applause* ;) True story bitches.

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